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Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)

Кадр из клипа
Patrick Daughters
На сингл из альбома:
Remixes 2: 81-11
Дата релиза:
30 мая 2011 года


Видеоклип на сингл к альбому ремиксов The Remixes 2: 81-11

A stunning video for the Stargate remix of Depeche Mode’s classic Personal Jesus by Patrick Daughters.

A dark night, a mob of superstitious villagers… and a girl about to be subjected to a practice reserved to those suspected of witchcraft. This is how it begins. Things don’t go to plan.

Shot in the Czech Republic – as with Megaforce’s Cadbury’s Charity Shop ad, Riff Raff Films worked with Prague production company Unt Sofa – it’s a sumptuous production, beautifully photographed by Martin Ruhe, with visual effects by MPC in London.

Patrick’s video for Depeche’s Wrong two years ago was brilliant – and so’s this.

Director: Patrick Daughters
Executive Producer: Lana Kim
Producer: Matthew Fone
Prod co: The Directors Bureau / Riff Raff FIlms
Local Production Company: Unt Sofa, Prague
Line Producers: Nikola Mohorita, Filip Hejduk
Production manager: Veronika Lencova
DoP: Martin Ruhe
Production Designer: Petr Kunc
1st AD : Mark Taylor
Editor : Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post Production: The Moving Picture Company
Post Production Producers: Marianna Bruynseels, Julie Evans
VFX Supervisors : Bill Mcnamara, Byron Woofinden
Commissioner : John Moule

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