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101 DVD

Каталожный номер:
Mute DM DVD 3
Дата выхода:
10 Ноября 2003 года
Mute Records (UK)

Disc 1
01. The documentary

Disc 2
01. Master And Servant (Live)
02. Pimpf (Live)
03. Behind The Wheel (Live)
04. Strangelove (Live)
05. Blasphemous Rumours (Live)
06. Stripped (Live)
07. Somebody (Live)
08. Black Celebration (Live)
09. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Live)
10. Just Can't Get Enough (Live)
11. Everything Counts (Live)
12. Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher, Martin Gore, Daniel Miller and Jonathan Kessler (interviews)
13. Christopher Hardwick, Oliver Chesler and Jay Serken (interviews with the "bus kids")
14. Everything Counts (1989 live music video)

The documentary of the band's 1988 Rose Bowl concert. Of note is the DVD release, which features a bonus disc of extras. Sadly, the live footage on disc two is not complete, but you have to remember that Mr. Pennebaker was shooting a documentary, not a concert film. The live footage on disc two is from multiple shows, and features as much of the footage as was shot.
The original DVD issue was in a cardboard slipcase. The 2005 reissue is in a simple plastic case.

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