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A Short Martin Gore Interview In A Mix Magazine (November 2004)

1 ноября 2004

Question: Why release a remix album now?

Martin Gore: We've got an amazing legacy of remixes to choose from. Daniel miller is keen to put out ETS as a single again so we're making a new video for it. Do I like Timo's Mix? I think it's difficult to remix a song as well known as that but he had the guts to change the chords and he made it work! Ewan Pearson's mix is good too, and i love the way Air made home more Doors-y.

Question: Have things changed since Violator sold seven million copies in 1990?

Martin Gore: It's definetly different now. In the past every record was an adventure we'd pick a european country to record in. We made two or three records in Berlin but there were no responsibilities back then. There is Still a sense of adventure now. We'd give up if we felt we didn't have something to offer.

Question: We hear than you've been DJing...

Martin Gore: It's a hobby for me. I don't think I could get into DJing a few times a week because I like it to be special. I bought about 80 cd's during the week prior to my London gig but I usually find only ten tracks that I like. I doubt we'll ever see Dave DJ, but hey stranger things have happened.

Question: What's the future for Depeche Mode?

Martin Gore: I would like to make another record but we have to sort out our differences. Dave wants some of his songs on there, it's just a question of how many and not to baffle everybody! I went to see him on his solo tour and it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. People expected me to freak out but I didn't. So now we're going back to our different parts of the world, have a conference call and get a plan together. As long as we make a record that stand's up to the others I'll be happy.

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